Crap My Mom Sends Me

"mother isn't quite herself today"


October 2016

Autism & Halloween (Inspiring)…

So…although it may seem like my mom sends me a lot of items that are humorous, strange, interesting, etc….she also sends me some wonderful items that are truly inspiring!  Below is a link to one of those items!

I hope you enjoy!


Click Here For An Article About One Mom’s Love Of Halloween And Her Child With Autism

What Did The Buffalo Say…

I know…this shouldn’t have probably made me laugh as much as it did…but even now…I am still LOLing.  (Laughing Out Louding)


Dear Abby #1…

Seriously??   Someone actually stopped…thought about this…and then wrote Abby to ask her opinion on it??  Dear Curious George….people should greet each other because they want to…not because of some expected social etiquette?  I am guessing you are just mad because no-one talks to you!  Grow up!


Scary Clowns and Dolls…

Yea…there is nothing creepy about this picture!!  EXCEPT FOR EVERYTHING!!


I Have The Cape…

This one always makes me laugh!!!  Not sure what that says about me…but then again…Mom knew enough to know she should send it to me!  LOL


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