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November 2016

The Hiccups…

So…after my recent ear shunt surgery for my Meniere’s Disease….I have started to have the hiccups ALL THE FREAKING TIME!  Now…this is something that mom also suffers with…and trust me when I say I totally get how much they SUCK for her!  But being the great mom she is..she sent me some good info on Hiccups…so thought I would share it with you all!




Kitty Litter??

Ok…so I have to admit…I sort of wish I had seen this back when I had my cat!  LOL


Dogs Sneezing…

Seriously….why are there not more of these pictures!!  I think it’s time to give America an assignment for America’s Funniest Videos.  Someone call AFV!!!!




Who Isn’t Buying TP…

Exactly!!!   But if you are interested…here is an article about what people used before TP was invented!!!

What Did People Use Before TP?


Halloween Candy Trading Guide…


Ok…so I know that I have given my mom a lot of grief over the years saying that when it came to Halloween Candy trading…she was diabolical.  She would over us 5 Jolly Ranchers for 1 full snickers bar.  5 for 1????   Was she crazy!?   Nope!  We thought she was…but it wasn’t until we grew up and realized just how good the full size Snickers candy bar really was that we knew she was screwing us over.  Now…in her defense…we did really like those Jolly Ranchers…but we were kids….what did we know???

Check out the following Halloween Candy Trading Guide she sent me for more details:

Halloween Candy Trading Guide

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