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February 2017

Things Cats Do…


Now…if you have ever seen the Musical Cats…I am guessing that you absolutely LOVED IT!

I know I did!   And I had no problem with a bunch of humans dressed up pretending to be cats!  It was actually very very cool!

But then…My mom sent me the following video.

And now…when ever I think about humans acting like cats…I feel….DISTURBED!

Check it out:  Things Cats Do That’d Be Creepy If You Did Them


How Many Construction Workers…


My mom sent me the following video…and although watching something spin is not ideal for someone with Meniere’s Disease…I could not resist!!

This made me LOL out loud!   Hee Hee Hee

Watch it here:  Concrete Buffer Gone Wild

Here is a little back story…so you don’t get mad at the people filming it!  LOL

Concrete Buffer Gone Wild

If you’ve ever worked in construction then you know how something like this concrete buffer gone wild can turn an otherwise boring day into an exciting one. I admire the creative solution that these guys came up with to corral the runaway concrete buffer. Nobody from the construction crew was injured in this episode and the office workers had such a good laugh at this that they ended up buying some of these workers lunch.

Patriotic Piano Playing Chicken…


Honestly…you just can’t make this crap up!  LOL

Check out this awesome video and ENJOY!!

Patriotic Piano Playing Chicken

Regarding The Big Game…


So….while everyone else in the world is talking about how many baskets Tom Brady shot…or the fact that the big game went into extra innings…and that Indianapolis is gently weeping right now….

This is what my Mom sent me about the Big Game!

And I have to say….it was the best thing about the whole dang Superbowl!

Dear Kitten – Regarding The Big Game


Gangsta’s Paradise…


So my mom didn’t actually send me the above picture!  I took a screen shot of the video that she sent me.  And as I sit here looking at said picture….I just can’t help but smile and think to myself “How on God’s green earth…is this the picture that best goes with a video called Gangsta’s Paradise” – But it is!

Check it out!  Gangsta’s Paradise Video

Peace Out!

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