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June 2017

Great…He Cut Himself…


So….this is what my Mom sends to me when I let her know that I accidentally cut myself with a sharp knife in the kitchen.

It’s not that she doesn’t love me…or isn’t concerned.

It is more the fact that this is a very common occurrence and she and I both feel that laughter is the best medicine.  Even for massive amounts of blood coming out of the human body!

And….this did make me LOL….out loud!

Man wears strainer….

Now…you would think that a subject line like that would be enough to make you stop and think….WHAT THE HECK!?!

But let me finish the sentence of the email my mom actually sent:

Man wears strainer on his head in driver’s license photo


(CNN) You’ll probably never see a driver’s license photo quite like this.

Strainer Guy


It’s of a man with a metal colander on his head. That’s the driver’s license photo of Sean Corbett of Chandler, Arizona. And getting permission for the image to be used took some doing.
He said he went to several Arizona motor vehicle locations for two years before he found one that would let him take the photo with the strainer on his head.
“It’s kind of been a personal mission to keep pushing and not let the naysayers say I can’t,” Corbett told CNN affiliate KNXV.
So why did he insist on being photographed with the colander on his head? Because of his religion, sort of. Corbett calls himself a “pastafarian,” who wears the item as part of his religious headgear.
“Pastafarianism is part of the church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which says the world was created 5,000 years ago by a Flying Spaghetti Monster,” Corbett said.
If that sounds, well, a little hokey, it’s supposed to be. Corbett admits pastafarianism is more satirical than reverent.
Most states require people to take their driver’s license photos free of headgear or other items, but exceptions are sometimes made for religious reasons. So that’s why Corbett feels he should be able to wear the pasta strainer in his photo.
However, a spokesman with the Arizona Department of Transportation told KNXV that while some exceptions are made for religious headwear, Corbett’s colander getup probably shouldn’t have been allowed, so the state is going to void the photo and driver’s license.
If that happens, Corbett says he’s prepared to wage a legal battle for the right to be photographed with kitchenware on his head.
I am adding this picture:

Beer Bottle Orchestra…


When your Mom sends you an email…and the subject line is called “Beer Bottle Orchestra” – and you are from the state of Indiana…

Let me just say that your first thought is that a bunch of southern Indiana Rednecks got together, drank a bunch of Bud Light….and started blowing in them and making train noises.


But NOPE!!   I was totally wrong!

This is actually pretty gosh darn amazing!  It is the “Peacherine Rag” composed by Scott Joplin and performed by a beer bottle orchestra in this creative and entertaining music video. The musical group is the St. Luke’s Bottle Band and they have raised several hundred thousand dollars for charities through their performances over the years.

Click Here To Watch The Video


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