When it comes to my being sick when I was a kid…my mom always took very good care of me!  Even when she knew I was faking it!  Well…except for that one time…

But here is the thing about my Mom….she is smarter than any Doctor I have ever been to in my life.  I can call her and tell her my symptoms over the phone…and immediately she knows that all I have is a hangnail….or I stubbed my toe!

But recently…I have actually been really sick.  Flu kinda sick.  And you know…you never really know if you have the flu or if you have a really bad cold.  So…thanks to my Mom…and her ability to search the internet….I have more definite answers.  Here we go:

12 Signs Your Common Cold Could Be Something Way Worse

  1. It’s not the usual symptoms
  2. Your whole body aches
  3. Your throat is on fire
  4. Suddenly, one ear is in pain
  5. Your cold won’t go away
  6. Your cough can’t quit you
  7. You’re throwing up
  8. You have bloody diarrhea
  9. You’re wheezing and short of breath
  10. You always get sick right about now
  11. You’re having a heck of a time breathing
  12. The cough is deep in your chest
  13. Your colds are predictable

Now…I am just throwing this out here…but if one of your symptoms is that you can’t count…what does that mean???

Anyway….If a usual symptom is bloody diarrhea and you are breathing fire…..I am thinking a trip to an ER or Exorcist is needed.

If you are having a hard time breathing…make sure it’s just because your wife doesn’t have a pillow over your face.

But most of the other symptoms seem to fit…so….I am thinking I am sicker than normal. So…guess I should get off of here and take some meds…prescribed by Doctor Mom!