Crap My Mom Sends Me

"mother isn't quite herself today"


December 2016

Dear Mr. Thief…

This story….is AWESOME!!!

So often…police get only bad publicity!  Thankfully…this story shows everyone how great THE POLICE are and how importantly we need them!

Check it out:  Dear Mr. Thief…


Santa Poo…



This one was in my email inbox today!

Looks like Mom is getting into the spirit of the Holiday!  LOL

Check out this awesome video that has gone viral….

Santa Poo

Everything Is Awesome…


Everything is awesome…when you’re a Panda!


Check out this video:  Everything Is Awesome When You’re A Panda

A Couple Creepy Things…

Every now and then…my mom sends me some really “Creepy” items!!

Today I am sharing two of those with you!

First…we have a really creep Icicle!!!   Yikes


Secondly…well….I have always thought clowns were REALLY FREAKING CREEPY!!!   AUGH!


Kelly Clarkson…


My mom knows me SOOOOO well!

Today she sent me this link to a Kelly Clarkson interview video.

All I can say…is that I absolutely Love and Adore her!!!

Hard to actually call this one CRAP that my mom sent.  I guess I will have to create a new category called CRAP I LOVE AND ADORE!  LOL

Check it out:  Kelly Clarkson Interview

This Is The Life…Sentence…

When my mom sent me this one, I actually saw the picture first and thought about pinning it on my Pinterest Board “The House I Will Never Have” – Guess I need to pin it to a new board called “The Big House.”  Seriously though..  What is wrong with this world when criminals live better than others!!



This was much truer when I was working!  But…I still love me some Fridays!  TGIF


Three Blind Mice…

See How They….DIE!  Muahaha!!!


Rudolph The Red Nippled Reindeer…

Talk about Ugly Christmas Sweaters!!!   WOW!


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